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The full awareness about the Surrogacy process is the first step toward the long-awaited dream of baby birth. ADONIS Fertility International provides the widest range of essential information for every client, because the transparency of the process is of high importance. 

ADONIS Fertility International LLC is the USA Headquarters of the ADONIS Medical Group of Companies, which is your best support and help from the very beginning of the Surrogacy infertility treatment. Contact the experienced coordinator and have the well-developed leading for the beginning of your high quality medical assistance in Ukraine.

ADONIS Surrogate treatment process

Surrogacy is the only way for women who do not have a uterus or are suffering from serious illnesses to get a genetically related child. This method of treating infertility includes an embryo transfer into the body of a Surrogate mother, obtained as a result of fertilization of an egg of a genetic mother with the sperm of a genetic father (the Ukrainian legislation requires having genetic relation with the baby with at least one of the genetic parents – man or woman).

For the duration of 9 months, a Surrogate mother carries a child.

The essential aspect in case of Surrogate treatment – is the absence of the genetic relation between the Surrogate and a baby she carries. The only and the most essential goal of the Surrogate is to give birth to a healthy child.

ADONIS Surrogate treatment legitimacy

All the Surrogate processes are carried out in Ukraine with the stable and well-regulated Surrogacy laws, especially for the intended parents. 

A newborn is genetically and legally considered the child of a married couple, whose embryo in the clinic was transferred into the uterus of a surrogate mother.

ADONIS ‘own Legal Department provides the total support during the full treatment. Documentation, agreements conclusion, Surrogate price and compensation – you will be totally safe and controlled by the specialists. 

The main indications to use Surrogate infertility treatment are: 

  • absence of a uterus
  • deformation of the cavity or cervix
  • diseases conditions when pregnancy and childbirth can threaten a woman’s life
  • numerous unsuccessful IVF attempts
  • morphological or anatomical changes in the endometrium of the uterus
  • somatic diseases in the severe form 

Surrogacy infertility treatment in ADONIS Ukraine includes thorough examination and observation in order to increase the chances of bearing a healthy child. ADONIS ‘own laboratory with highly qualitative equipment will help you to know everything about your health condition and the health of your future baby. 

ADONIS Surrogate selection 

ADONIS ‘own Surrogate base ensures the best selection of the Surrogate candidates for your infertility treatment. The several steps of serious examination is your bail of safety and insurance. You can use the Surrogate selection option in the process of the ADONIS Surrogate Program – ADONIS own Surrogate base is available on request for everyone and included in the price for Surrogacy

Great experience of being parents is not just a long-awaited dream when you benefit from the ADONIS Surrogate Programs with the most affordable Gestational Surrogacy cost

World level quality of treatment is available for you in ADONIS Ukraine.