Living Life on the Edge

Traveled out to the west coast looking for adventure? Maybe you’re a local just looking for a thrill. Either way, San Diego has some of the most beautiful locations for one of the most extreme sports known to man… Skydiving, an adventure that finds its way onto the buck lists of people all across the world. Most skydiving san diego ca is just as a good a method of getting that thrill fix taken care of, possibly for good. The great news is it isn’t as hard to do as the average individual might believe. 

Skydiving is one of those things that kids have to wait until they are 18 to do, but most people live their entire lives without ever jumping off of a plane. However, there are a certain few who seek out the adrenaline that comes with this experience. If you are one of the latter then perhaps you will find this useful.

There are a variety of companies that provide skydiving services in the San Diego area. All of them follow the same rules and guidelines when providing this particular service to their customers. All of those who wish to experience the pure bliss of falling to the earth must attend a training course beforehand. Depending on who you dive with will depend on the length of the training course. Although I would recommend when selecting a training course to learn from, travelers choose one taught by professional sky diving instructors to maximize safety. 

Before jumping divers must undergo a particular set of steps. First, there is the pre-jump instruction, followed by an introduction of your fellow divers. Afterward, they will continue to the actual jump training and then they will proceed to equip their gear. Once all four of these have been completed, divers can then carry on with boarding the plane that will fly them up to their jump zone. 

Once in the air, instructors will check the conditions of the jump zone several times before allowing anyone to jump. Once all is secure divers can jump and enjoy a free-fall that lasts about 60 seconds. This is the peak of the adrenaline rush as you are plummeting at over 100 miles per second, straight into the earth. Divers are actually equipped with a smaller parachute to keep the falling speed from exceeding what our bodies can handle. Then the instructors will inform those diving that their parachute will be released and they will feel a quick snug. This is the most peaceful part of the experience; divers will notice that it will get very quiet making conversations not only possible but easy, either with their instructor or their loved ones. This is also where divers are able to witness the southern part of California. From tourist attractions in the city to the vast mountain ranges that lead up to LA. In reality, the experience can take about 15 to 20 minutes but the memories you will have after the fact will stay with you forever.