This Formula 1 Driver Have A Famous YouTube Channel

YouTube is currently one of the most popular social media platforms in all circles. We can find a lot of entertainment content, inspiration to education. Not to be outdone, Formula 1 is now also starting to aggressively enter the world of YouTube.

Not only official Formula 1 accounts, some drivers and former drivers also have their own YouTube channel. In fact, some of them have many loyal subscribers and viewers. Here are five drivers and former Formula 1 drivers who have popular YouTube channels.

Charles Leclerc (Charles Leclerc)

Charles Leclerc first uploaded a video on his YouTube channel on March 10, 2019. At that time, his first video told about the pre-season test he underwent with Ferrari in Barcelona. Unconsciously, his YouTube channel now has 466 thousand subscribers.

After a hiatus after that, Leclerc began to diligently upload videos in 2022. Most of his videos tell about the situation behind Formula 1 racing that not many Formula 1 fans know about. We are invited to enter the paddock and see Leclerc’s preparations ahead of the race.

There were also moments when he stood on the podium and moments of victory with Ferrari. Leclerc also sometimes uploads short videos that tell his daily life both on and off the track.

Romain Grosjean (Romain Grosjean Official)

Romain Grosjean lost his seat in Formula 1 after suffering a fatal accident at the 2020 Bahrain Grand Prix. After no longer competing in Formula 1, Grosjean is now participating in the IndyCar event, which is a popular car racing competition in the United States.

In addition to being an IndyCar racer, Grosjean also has a YouTube channel which now has 236,000 subscribers. In the video, Grosjean talks a lot about racing in IndyCar. Not infrequently he also discussed the differences between Formula 1 and IndyCar.

Grosjean also conducted several interviews with several people from among the racers, especially IndyCar. If you want to know more about IndyCar, you must watch the video from Grosjean.

Daniel Ricciardo (Daniel Ricciardo)

In contrast to the channels of Formula 1 drivers who often discuss the ins and outs on the track. Daniel Ricciardo actually tells more about his life off the track.

Like when he met a bear while cycling, or just chatting with his friends. Created since 2017, the channel now has 426,000 subscribers.

With Ricciardo’s demeanor who is known to always manage to make the situation warm and full of laughter. You will never be bored with the presentation of Ricciardo’s life outside the Formula 1 track.

Lando Norris (Lando Norris)

Known as a person who is quite funny, that is what makes Lando Norris’ YouTube channel quite famous. The channel that he started in 2014 now even has 847 thousand subscribers.

One of the popular videos he uploaded was entitled “Meeting my hero”, when he met Valentino Rossi, who is his idol at the 2019 British MotoGP. At that time, Norris was seen talking with The Doctor, looking directly at the track and buying Rossi knick-knacks. The video has been viewed 2.5 million times.

In addition, in his channel, Norris also often discusses his preparation for the race. However, he has also uploaded other videos such as when he rides a rally car or tries to play golf.

Nico Rosberg (Nico Rosberg)

If you are wondering what Nico Rosberg did after hanging up his helmet in 2016. The German racer now has a YouTuber channel with 1.3 million subscribers.

In his channel, Rosberg talks a lot about the analysis of tracks in Formula 1. He also tells how to conquer the tracks in Formula 1.

If you want to know how the drivers can so master the Formula 1 circuit, then you should watch Rosberg’s explanation which is quite detailed. He also often shares his daily life with the audience.