Diet that is suitable for runners

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Although it has been routinely run, sometimes a runner is still difficult to lose weight. This was caused by two factors, first the runners had a reputation for uncontrolled eating after running far enough. However, there are also runners who combine diet restrictions by running to multiply fat burning.

Unfortunately, both methods are often ineffective. The result is often a sluggish body condition and a little weight loss. What is needed is actually a smart approach so that it can help balance between running and weight loss targets. “If you are on a diet while exercising, performance will not be maximized because the body is unable to repair muscle after exercise,” said the author of the food and fitness blog ‘FANNEstastic Food’, Anne Mauney.

The consequences are not just feeling sick and tired. “If it’s too far away, a little energy during exercise can lead to other serious conditions, such as bone fractures or fainting due to electrolyte imbalances,” he said. To prevent this, apply a short phase of weight loss before your normal exercise begins. During that time, you must focus on weight loss, and run for cardio, not performance. There are three dietary strategies that runners can do.

  1. Focus on nutrient-dense foods

Certain foods can help you control hunger after running. A study from the Nutrition Journal found that nutrient-dense foods can reduce hunger, and are effective for health and weight loss. Naturally, the best intake during the weight loss period is high nutrition and low calories.

Focus on intake such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds to fulfill the diet before running. Mauney also revealed that healthy fats can fill. If you continue to feel hungry after training, plan what you will eat before you even start running. This strategy can prevent you from food choices that can mess up your diet, like pizza. Preparing food that is ready for you at the end of your training is certainly the best way to keep your program.

  1. Don’t drink your calories

Water is the best beverage choice. For athletes who want to lose weight, one of the benefits of water is that it does not contain calories. Although energy drinks help before, during, until after exercise, but actually it contains a lot of sugar. Instead of energy drinks, water is better for hydrating the body for easier running.

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Although the total calories are the same as a type of food, but consuming calorie drinks will not give you a sense of satiety.

  1. Protein, protein, protein

Add protein to each of your meals, especially breakfast. Researchers have proven again that eating protein can increase satiety. Not only that, you will feel full longer and eat less. “The body needs protein to repair and build muscle tissue after exercise.

It is also important for bone formation, muscle, cartilage, skin, to blood, as well as enzymes and hormones,” he said. Some examples of protein sources are fish, poultry, lean meat, and plants such as nuts and seeds. You can also make smoothies with powdered protein to increase your milkshake intake. Most runners must consume about 0.5 to 1 gram of protein per half kilogram of body weight per day, depending on how far they run.