USC’s Mascot Traveler (3)

That’s a good question. There shouldn’t be any shortage of candidates to teach a team that’s already ready to compete for the Super Bowl. I assume many of the names being mentioned for the Cowboys job could be within the operating.

Armstead enrolled at USC and have become student-athlete there in 2008. According to sources, the 6’5”, 300 pound, Armstead was a standout participant in his first three years there. His junior yr as a Trojan was by far his best. In that 2010 season Armstead played defensive end and recorded 43 tackles; 6 of the tackles were for a loss after which three of these 6 have been sacks. Based on his play as a junior, it was projected that Armstead would play a pivotal role, and be a fearsome drive in USC’s protection as a senior the next yr.

Meanwhile at the Naval Yard, the Midshipmen weren’t expected … Read more

USC’s Mascot Traveler

The Jets are still in management their future. At 8-6, they’re tied with the Cincinnati Bengals, and with the Titans and Raiders a game again respiratory down their neck The Jets must take care of enterprise in this weekends game against the Giants. Then they tackle Miami on the street in an actual rivalry divisions game. If the Jets and the Bengals both end the season at 10-6, the Jets would hold the tiebreaker.

You are in all probability going yah…right. You can’t have two groups you grasping little wench. But I can since I was raised an AF brat…and the two places I spent most of my life in were NJ (born there…family members there) and NH (thirty years there). The public sale will end on June 6th, 2007, at 7pm. Please e mail your bids to USCHerd@. New bids might be updated on the weblog every day. Please … Read more