What I’ve Learned About Notre Dame From USC (2)

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The Coliseum can seat 93,000 folks. Because of its sheer size, it’s no surprise to me that the seats at the east finish zone are roped off and unused. Last 12 months, I noticed that the USC athletic department (and Legends) added on-area fits and premium golf equipment beneath the peristyle. But that’s not what caught my attention at the Coliseum. It’s what covered the empty seats. And for the document: The Crossroads Campaign at Notre Dame was launched to fund the third renovation of Notre Dame stadium. These changes to the eighty five year outdated venue will convey suites and premium seating to South Bend too.

In 2012, I purchased tickets by means of the native alumni club. All ND seats are confined to the Northeast corner. It was abysmal. There are 101 rows to the highest. We were in row 100 and paid the same amount (face value) for that seat. I cannot say ND tickets fare much much less, however Erin and I had been discussing what you wrote: not a nasty seat in ND’s home.

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