Marco Wilson, Salvon Ahmed, Pola Moa, Jaylon Johnson DB Targets (5)

We’re all the way down to the nitty gritty of the NFL season, and with it there are some enormous video games for week 14.

Oh I know the identical may be said for the Democrats. But you realize, I don’t really worry about their behavior! Like I don’t fret about different peoples kids’s conduct. I fear about my very own. The Republicans are in far worst shape than the Democrats proper now. And outbursts like that of late, solely help dig our hole a bit of deeper. I’m very concerned for the occasion. As I could be if my baby acted so poorly.

And while Alabama sometimes fares effectively in opposition to teams who run an analogous model to them (i.e. Arkansas and LSU), I would say the odds are favorable for Alabama to drop that 2nd sport somewhere along the way. It would nonetheless be doable for the Tide to get in the playoff with 2 losses, but that would rely upon another Power 5 Champion dropping 2 games as well.

I depart you with an example of the shortage of challenging the system. Dwayne Jarrett was pressured to donate $5000 to a charity, cash that he or his family does not have, for dwelling in an condo that Matt Leinart’s Father was paying for, although Jarrett paid his justifiable share. Any logical particular person would conclude that the University and NCAA ought to have paid for Matt’s house. It was the NCAA and USC who promoted Matt and Reggie to the purpose that that they had to offer security for them and that was an actual concern. I guess they felt it stopped when the left the locker room. How much income did the NCAA and USC obtain because of these two players? Yet Dwayne Jarrett was made to undergo for it.

Special Teams: Senior kicker Andre Heidari has had a very crazy profession at USC, however he is attempting to go out on a superb notice. Heidari has appeared nice times (he hit 15 of 17 discipline targets his freshman 12 months) but has additionally had some enormous errors. Punter Kris Albarado is again for his junior season. In the return game, anticipate big things from Nelson Agholor, who can discipline punts or kicks. Jackson may additionally assist in kick return duties.