Gestational Surrogacy Practice

What is Commercial Surrogacy? |

The multiple opportunities of infertility treatments give the happiness of being parents to thousands of people in the whole world. Surrogacy treatment is one of the most effective ways to overcome infertility with the highest percentage of successful pregnancy results. 

ADONIS Fertility International with innovative Surrogacy Programs will help the intended parents to feel intimacy with the future baby during the pregnancy and experience the best moments of parenting. 

The incalculable value of Surrogacy 

ADONIS’ patients are ensured to have the best service and most affordable prices, but whether the happiness of baby birth can be calculated in numbers – it’s a real treasure.

The cost of surrogacy includes the whole range of medical services together with additional benefits. Every patient is provided with non-medical services together with the cost of surrogacy. The professional help of coordinators gives you full assistance in the surrogate process area. You can rely on:

  • surrogate mother selection (ADONIS has its own surrogate mother list with
  • a confirmation of their perfect health condition and examined state)
  • translation services (patient’s documents, surrogacy agreement)
  • notarization services (surrogacy agreement, surrogate mother’s statement after birth providing)
  • flexible medical financing (convenient financing up to 35 000$ with
  • ADONIS and United Medical Credit partnership, free application will notify you of approval within moments)
  • legal services (child registration and surrogate agreements are backed by our American offices, U.S. law, and promises to provide you with the U.S.-based level of legal support that you need)
  • transparent banking (no international wires and cash-only payments, all banking processes are made to a United States Bank, using bill pay, checks or other methods)
  • coordination services

Gestational Surrogacy Practice

ADONIS International Surrogacy specializes only in gestational kind of surrogacy based on IVF.

Gestational costs of surrogacy vary depending on the chosen program, ADONIS always aims to establish an affordable level without affecting quality. You can always familiarize yourself with the costs of surrogacy on ADONIS website – everything is clear and obvious. Moreover, the opportunity of medical financing with ADONIS and United Medical Credit partnership makes the program’s cost really affordable.

The main point of ADONIS Surrogacy statute is to ensure the genetic relation with at least one intended parent, where the surrogate mother is used only for baby caring. The sperm or egg donor can be provided on request.

The legal side of the surrogacy process is covered by the Ukrainian legislation, while your umbrella surrogacy agreement is backed by our American offices and U.S. law. The important features of surrogacy in Ukraine are:

  • legislation stability governing the surrogacy process
  • full protection of the intended parents’ rights and rights to child’s custody
  • no legal relation for the baby for surrogate mother
  • time-tested successful cooperation in surrogacy

The ADONIS highly experienced staff consists of skilled Fertility Biologists and Embryologists with a medical period of at least 10 years. Their qualification is indisputable and is supported by thousands of resultative surrogacy cases. You are always welcome to have a consultation for specialist acquaintance and further choice of the doctor you trust and want the most.

Every ADONIS Surrogacy Program is controlled by lawyers and experts to ensure high-level service for your well-being and staying in Ukraine. The whole cost together with surrogate mother cost is particularly calculated and specified with clients before you start the medical treatment process.

ADONIS Surrogacy is the top-level program considering the smallest details and facts. Your support and care are always under control of the skilled professionals to provide you with calmness and result in confidence. The whole ADONIS team is waiting for you. All efforts are made to make your life better and happier!