ADONIS Surrogacy center

ADONIS Surrogacy center is a medical establishment which makes people happier with the help of qualitative treatment in the field of reproductology.

Fertility problems can lead to despair when you don’t have good support and advice from professionals. When you choose ADONIS Surrogate Programs, you get the best level of care with successful results approved by many patients. 

ADONIS Surrogacy concept

ADONIS Fertility International provides the Surrogate services for the patients from the whole world ensuring the most affordable prices. 

In the list of services, ADONIS include only Gestational Surrogacy Programs for officially married heterosexual couples with medical indications (which are approved by ADONIS experienced fertility doctors). 

Gestational Surrogacy has many advantages including the following:

  • Gestational Surrogacy provides for the obligatory genetic connection between the intended parents (at least one of the spouses) and the baby.
  • Gestational Surrogacy requires the absence of any genetic connection between the Surrogate mother and the baby she carries.
  • Gestational Surrogacy considers a special Surrogacy agreement with all aspects underlined – terms and conditions for the Surrogate, financial compensation from the side of intended parents, the intended parents receive the full range of rights on the baby from the very beginning of the infertility treatment.
  • Gestational Surrogacy involves the highest level of control over the whole period of pregnancy to ensure safety and confidence.

ADONIS Surrogate Programs are developed in such a way to give the sense of intimacy between the intended parents and the future baby. We provide the informational support and create the widest range of possibilities to allow them to be permanently together. 

ADONIS qualitative medical assistance in the sphere of infertility treatment and reproductology provides following services for the comforts of our patients: 

  • ADONIS own Surrogate base with fully diagnosed and healthy women who are ready to start the Surrogate Program right now (without any waiting lists)
  • ADONIS own embryo laboratory with the latest equipment which examines the health state of your future child and ensure your total safety
  • ADONIS own laboratory of diagnosis provide the most accurate results 
  • ADONIS own donor base with the most pure and qualitative genetic material for your infertility treatment success

In the one line with medical assistance, ADONIS Surrogate Programs include non-medical qualitative help:  

  • ADONIS own Legal Department to secure and help you with Ukrainian legislation, it’s norms and regulations
  • ADONIS personal coordinator for each patient who is always in touch to help, to advice or just to be near
  • ADONIS unconditional help with translation, accommodation, transfer and 24/7 support

The latest technologies in the sphere of infertility treatment are collected in the ADONIS Surrogate Programs. We make every effort to help our patients, regarding each specific case individually. 

ADONIS Fertility International is your medical help which is effective, safe and careful. Choose our services and find it out from your own experience!