USC Trojans Tickets (5)

We’re all the way down to the nitty gritty of the NFL season, and with it there are some big games for week 14.

Another Trojan event in Pasadena. Over 500 individuals had been present. Before the dinner, Trojan Chuck and Brooks talked to Sam Tsagalaksis, a Trojan kicker who performed on the 1953 Rose Bowl Trojans, after which the Herd settled into their seats in anticipation of seeing Pete Carroll and Tim Floyd give their rap about their past season and their upcoming seasons.

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The schedule bothers me. Not solely does USC need to deal with the most troublesome schedule in the nation (due to a highway journey to Alabama in Week 1 and a finale versus Notre Dame), but they must endure a PAC-12 schedule that’s again-loaded. Their last three are vs Oregon, @ UW, and @ UCLA. They additionally should endure highway trips to Stanford and Utah in the course of the common season. That, my pals, is an absolute bitch of a schedule.

What video games play in a given area during this timeframe is considerably regional. For instance, if Florida is taking part in Florida State on the identical week that Michigan State plays Michigan, the regions with the most important fan base for the game typically determines which crew is proven on network tv there. So in Indiana, most probably, the Michigan, Michigan State recreation could be televised on ABC, whereas Florida, Florida State would be on ESPN, and in Alabama we’d have the other.