In Infringements

After the Euro 2016 finished three weeks in the past, there was rapidly no football to watch, talk about. After a couple of moments of confusion though, the main target quickly switched to league soccer. Here we go again: It is late July and the season kicks off. For Red Star it means getting used to another stadium. While their coronary heart and soul will without end be at Stade Bauer in St-Ouen, the brain and the bureaucrats demand that the membership play in a stadium fit for the aim of Ligue 2. Whaetever this encompasses, it meant that Red Star needed to play as distant as Beauvais over the last season, that means followers had to travel almost 100km to the north of Paris to assist their beloved club.

He has achieved properly for Lech this season and is another player the coach likes – that’s why he is … Read more