Philadelphia 76ers Career Point Scoring Leaders (2)

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When I went to the referee after, he mentioned he didn’t make a call since he could not tell if I was the one who initiated the contact. I thought it could have been pretty apparent, but that was the reason. I might see this being the identical clarification in your instance too. Sadly, I felt the decision should have been made, and due to it, our 3-zero shutout was ruined.

Just curious – how can a rated wherever close to simple if the solutions to the clues are unknown to the solver? If words are inadvertently completed as a result of the crosses filled in make approach for a bunch of guesses that feels like laborious to me. Especially not knowing the revealer appears kind of like crossing the finish line of a 5K after using the entire manner on somebody’s again and saying the race was simple.

as promised i gave u a week to think about and possibly provide you with an answer to my trick query. i know i stated i would put up at noon however im up and pumped to elucidate now. now 2 perceive this greatest as potential i recommend u learn it slowly and try to image a web and a bunch of pucks in your thoughts. that and read it 2 3 or 4 instances if u have time 2 achieve this.

A computer can collect collectively info and be programmed to present them. But, it may well’t bring human emotion into the story. The computer can write the news headlines however it will not be able to write the editorial or the features, anything more in depth will want an actual person to place feeling and opinions, idealism, etc into the facts.