Sports officials, school leaders talk addressing bad behavior at sporting events

A recent op-ed by the Iowa High School Athletic Association and the Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union saying “enough is enough” when it comes to bad behavior at games, is garnering support from sports officials and metro area school leaders. On Thursday, Iowa’s boys and girls athletic associations, along with the National Federation of State High School Associations, published the op-ed. The unions noted in recent years, there’s been a trend of bad behavior from players, coaches, parents, and fans that is directed toward officials across the nation. Part of the op-ed notes findings from the National Association of Sports Officials reports 46% of officials say they feared for their safety due to players, coaches, or spectators and 55% say verbal abuse from the same group is the number one reason they quit.School officials worry the harassment, disrespect, and sometimes physical assault directed at officials will have direct consequences …

Spain women’s soccer players resign en masse amid fight with federation, coach

Fifteen of Spain’s top women’s soccer players are declining to play for the Spanish national team until working conditions improve, and alleged in Thursday emails that the situation around the team had “significantly” affected their “emotional state” and “health,” Spain’s soccer federation (the RFEF) and the players said in partially conflicting statements Thursday and Friday.

The temporary resignations come weeks after a few Spanish stars reportedly urged head coach Jorge Vilda to step down, and asked RFEF president Luis Rubiales to fire Vilda. Both men reportedly refused.

On Friday, the players clarified in their statement that they have not “renounced” the national team; they have, though, said they will not play for it until the situation is “reversed.” In the statement, they cited an environment that has harmed their “emotional and personal state,” and harmed the performance and results of the team, and led to “undesirable injuries.”

Spanish newspaper Mundo

Prisco’s NFL Week 3 picks: Aaron Rodgers gets revenge on Tom Brady and Buccaneers, Patriots sneak past Ravens

It was a good solid start for my picks in Week 2 — which I will take considering how crazy the second week of an NFL season can be after the uncertainty of Week 1. Get-even week can be challenging.

I went 9-7 against the spread in our CBSSports Expert picks, 10-6 straight up and 3-2 with my best bet as part of the Pick Six Podcast. That brings my record ATS to 17-15, 17-14-1 straight up and 8-3 with my best batch.

The best batch should have been 4-1, but the Rams dozed off late and let the Falcons get the cover after dominating most of the game.

That happens. But if I can go 8-3 with the best batch every two weeks, I will take it.

This week features some great matchups, but it also features games where I think the line is a little out of whack.