Jesse Chavez, MLB’s most traded player, is back home with Braves

Even by the frenzied, always-on-the-go standards of professional baseball, Jesse Chavez has a remarkably high tolerance for being told to get on the move. After 15 years with nine teams—some of which he’s come back to as repeat destinations—Chavez knows what to pack, how to tell his wife, which questions to ask.

But this season has been a lot. Even for him.

This year has seen his number of career trades go from eight to 10. That’s the difference between being an ordinary journeyman and the most-traded player in the history of modern baseball—a record that, while impressive in its own right, is not exactly the kind of thing anyone dreams about in Little League. But the reliever takes it all in stride. After signing with the Cubs in March, he was traded to the Braves in April, rejoining the team he finally won a World Series ring with in 2021. Then the Braves traded him to the Angels at the deadline as part of a package to get closer Raisel Iglesias. After a bumpy few weeks in Anaheim, however, the reliever was released Aug. 29. And he couldn’t have been happier with the team that selected him off waivers Aug. 30: Chavez was back with the Braves.