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In a Football Daily first, we travelled to France to comply with England, meet the fans and absorb the atmosphere (& beer). Joining Joe on the journey is Danny, Patrick from Euro Football Daily and John & Dave from Alltime10s!

To promote the passing sport, NFL bosses changed the form of the football in 1934. They made the ball longer and skinnier, which helped quarterbacks to get a better grip on it. By 1940 two of the greatest quarterbacks in the historical past of the game had been taking advantage of the new passer-friendly ball. Sid Luckman of the Chicago Bears and Sammy Baugh of the Washington Redskins tormented defense with their pinpoint aerial talents. Luckman, who was also a advantageous runner, led the Bears to four championships in the 1940s. Baugh, who grew to become often called Slingin’ Sammy, set 16 passing records and included three punting records for good measure.

When tackling, at all times bear in mind to remain low and to drive your ft so that you simply drive your opponent into the bottom with drive. When you make contact, explode your hips and physique into the defender and ship the punishing hit on him. This is a vital tip to remember. If you keep low and drive your toes upon colliding with the offensive player then you’ll win and you will end up delivering a strong tackle.

One of the greatest ever mysteries was the downfall of Fernando Torres when he transferred from Liverpool to Chelsea, and the answer to it was fairly easy- there was no Steven Gerrard in Chelsea (Frank has a special model of recreation). It is only when the 2 mixed that they could be seen as a significant threat to opposition gamers. These two were nicely oiled machines who knew what each other have been as much as. Gerrad was obviously, the master playmaker for Liverpool who used to seek out Torres one way or the other, and he was literally ‘fed’ by Gerrard such straightforward aim scoring possibilities which have been laborious to miss, even by a teenage footballer.

George Best’s profession was tormented by drink issues, however his talent was nearly unparalleled. Famed for his dribbling skills, he won the 1968 European Cup and two league titles during his time with Manchester United. As an attacking midfielder he scored a outstanding 205 objectives in 579 games and gained the Ballon d’Or in 1968. As Northern Ireland has by no means been a force in international football, he by no means made an impression on that stage. At the age of 28 his alcoholism sent his profession into rapid decline, and he never achieved as a lot as his expertise promised.