The Greatest Utah Football Games Ever

Wayne and I have been on a University of Southern California sports vacation. Wayne is an alumnus and big fan.

Extended insurance will likely be given to the younger folks…The Senior Citizens are out of luck….You’ll must have this insurance coverage even if you’re drawing Medicaid (Social Security)….How will they be capable to pay? The regular will increase given yearly have been frozen….I know, as a result of we are on Social Security (retired).

About Houston, Texas: Rice Stadium in Houston was built particularly for Rice University College Football, however this 12 months could be internet hosting a a lot bigger recreation, Super Bowl eight. Football followers of Houston, Texas were busy making ready to host the large sport as hundreds of people could be coming to their city to see the Miami Dolphins tackle the Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowl VIII.

nst such famous Angelinos as Don Drysdale and Jack Kemp. Ron also talked about his recruiting, and the fact that he nearly attended UCLA. (picture proper, USC tackles in 1955. Left to Right: Fletcher, Schmidt, Abram, Wesphal, Enright and Bellotti). And Ron gave us a short historical past on his enjoying profession, again referring to having Marv Goux, Jon Arnett and C.R. Roberts as teammates.

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