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BBC FootballEnglish is a sophisticated and ever evolving language. Every yr a new expression or idiom is added into the English dictionary.BBC Football

If we see golf equipment that are on the lookout for loopholes we will act. It isn’t sufficient to say ‘we have got a sponsorship contract and that’s OK’ if the contract is out of line. You know the place the issues are and you know you’ll have to affirm them. But however they are all members of the ECA (European Club Association) and if they don’t follow the principles they will not have the support of the opposite golf equipment.

The EPL doesn’t have the best goals to sport ratio in Europe, that honour goes to the Eredivisie in the Netherlands, who usually manage over three goals per sport. But what does that say a couple of league the place targets come so cheaply? That’s right. The quality of the defenders is unsure! In the dutch high league there are various large clumsy defenders who, it needs to be mentioned, aren’t one of the best on the subject of shut marking and tight togetherness!

What I do not enjoy is a dozen or extra seasons of Survivor, Big Brother (if Survivor and The Real World had a baby), The Amazing Race, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, and America’s Next Top Model. I don’t know who’s watching these shows. Ratings say that thousands and thousands are each week, so what are the producers going to do? Pump out season after season till they can’t anymore. Stars of those reveals are typically contemporary faces, under no circumstances like the following category.

This was clearly written by some Brit who loves the odor of his personal farts. Please, spare us of your pomp and correct nature because, really, nobody gives a damn. Jesus, I am so glad we (AMericans, who communicate PROPER English) did not proceed suckling from the shrunken teat of your crumbling English empire. We saved you in World War I. We saved you in World War II.